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    Narasimha Tunuguntla
    Checking for Supplemental data in Data forms
    Topic posted August 14, 2019 by Narasimha TunuguntlaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Supplemental Data 
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    Checking for Supplemental data in Data forms
    Not appearing Supplemental data in data forms

    Hi all,

    Supplemental data is not appearing in Data form that is custom one but, whereas the same data is appearing in Smart view. For reference am attaching both screenshots doc to this post.

    Please suggest me where I am missing in data form and why it is not appearing or is this expected results in FCCS?






    • Varghese Mathew

      Narasimha, Looks like you are not looking at the SDM forms. Please go to Tasks > Supplemental Data Tasks and open the SDM Forms
      Also You need to use the Close and Supplemental Data Management Plugin for Smart View

      • Narasimha Tunuguntla

        Hi Varghese,

        Thanks for your message. I am able to see the SDM forms and entering the data and post, and also can view the same in Supplemental Data Analysis of Data card. Here my question is the Supplemental data which was posted via SDM forms, that is not appearing in Custom designed form and in normal Smart view, the same SDM data is appearing and those screenshots were attached in my earlier post.

        Please let me know the reason behind why SDM data is not appearing in the custom-designed form (User created one)?