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    Britta Nissl
    Edit Suppliers > Internal Bank Account Approval
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Britta NisslRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Edit Suppliers > Internal Bank Account Approval

    I am trying to configure the new functionality where bank account changes goes for approval.

    I am finding that the only roles that can edit suppliers are "Supplier Manager" and "Supplier Administrator". When I try to make changes with either role nothing goes for approval. I cannot edit the suppliers with any other role. What am I missing? Pictured are screen shots of configuration.



    • Aishwarya Pawar

      Hi Britta,

      The first screenshot applies to change requests initiated by supplier users. As you correctly stated, the new functionality allows changes made by internal users (such as supplier managers or supplier administrators) to be submitted for approval.

      Can you share a screenshot of the screen after submitting the changes for approval?



    • Britta Nissl

      Attached I am adding a bank account to an existing supplier. Let me know if you need anything additional.

    • Britta Nissl

      Looks like I figured it out -- I didn't enable the offering Approve Internal Changes on Supplier Bank Accounts.

      • Aishwarya Pawar

        Ah, glad it worked! I was just about to check on the offering with you and saw your message... thank you for keeping us posted Britta! assuming the flow works as expected for you now.