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    Debashis Das
    Addition of New Field withing Subject Area
    Topic posted March 1, 2018 by Debashis Das, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Project reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Addition of New Field withing Subject Area
    How to add new filed (proejct classification) within a particular subject area

    We have created Project Classification such as "Accounting Business Objectives", "Project Type" etc. And each project classification, there are defined class code such as "Recurring" and "Non-Recurring" for "Accourtning Buusiness Objective"  AND "Capital", "Non-Capital" for "Project Type". Objective of this project classification is we should know Project P1>>Recurring>>Capital and Project P1>>Non-Recurring>>Capital.

    In OTBI, I want Fileds  (within any Subject Area, within any folder..)  such as ""Accourtning Buusiness Objective"  and  "Project Type". So that I can pick any field for my reporting purpose. This will enable me to pick only those field as I required.

    Hence I want to know is this feasible? If yes how to



    • Dustin Grabowski



       Which subject areas are you looking at?  In the Project Financial Management subject areas (Budgets, Actual Costs, etc.), Project Classifications are available.