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    david fulton
    Managing your /Asset directory between Dev & Production -...
    Topic posted October 13, 2008 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Managing your /Asset directory between Dev & Production - Best Practices
    Remember that the /Assets directory is shared between development and production. If you add an image to the assets directory and the image name is already referenced within a production page - that image is visible to the outside world! Mitigate this risk by creating separate development and production folders in the /Assets directory and swap the file references in your pages and widgets before you deploy.



    • Sally

      Does the RN application deployment process deal with copying files from /euf/assets/development/ to /euf/assets/ or do these files need to be copied across manually before the deployment process?


      We've changed files in /euf/assets/development/css/ as well as adding our own /euf/assets/development/javascript/ directory. Just need to know if we have to handle these manually or they will be picked up as part of the RN application deployment.




    • Christopher Tarabochia

      The assets/ directory (and everything underneath) is always "live". If you have contstructed a set of directories to manage your files in the assets/ directory, you will need to manually move those as appropriate.



    • Sally
      Thanks for clarifying that Chris . . .