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    Nageswara Muthyala
    User license calculation in Engagement Cloud
    Topic posted November 10, 2019 by Nageswara MuthyalaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Security 
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    User license calculation in Engagement Cloud

    Hi Team,

    Is there any license implications when we deactivate the user but not resource?

    I have two questions listed below :

    Q1)  For example we have environment with 100 user access, if we deactivate 30 users from them but not resource.

    Still can we can have 100 user access or not.

    Q2) How license will be calculated?

    Is it like Active users present in the Environment or total (Active +Inactive)users.


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    • Jayaraghavendra Rao


      Response to your question 1) Yes, you can still have 100 active users as the 30 users are no longer active

      Response to your question 2) Once the active users are considered towards calculating the number of licensed users.