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    Candice Ricketts
    CIP Asset Lines Transferred to FA New Costs Came In
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Candice RickettsRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Expenses, Project Costing 
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    CIP Asset Lines Transferred to FA New Costs Came In
    How to updated costs/transfer new costs for capitalized asset

    We generated asset lines and transferred to FA. New costs came in. Can't find the process to update/transfer new costs for the asset (From PPM to FA). Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you. 




    • Glen Ryen

      Hi Candice,

      From the Navigator in the top left of the home page, go to Projects -> Assets.  Then in the task panel on the right side of the page, you should find the links to the generate and transfer processes (along with capital events, if you use those).  Does that help?


    • Paul Fernandez

      Hi Candice,

      Glen is correct.
      And, when you run the 'Generate Asset Lines' process, it will generate the asset lines with the new costs accumulated and when you run the 'Transfer Assets to Oracle Fusion Assets' process, it will interface the new asset lines to Fixed Assets and it will get added to the asset already created from this project.

      Hope this helps.


    • Anandhan Erulappan

      Hello Candy,

      Yes. After running Transfer Assets to Oracle Fusion Fixed Asset ESS job, just go to Fixed Asset Work Area and those assets will be available under Addition infolet as Ready to Post. You just need to select them and click Post All button to Post them into your respective Book.