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    Rick Kelder
    ORDS CRUD Generator tool on ATP / APEX
    Topic posted October 20, 2019 by Rick KelderRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Apex, REST API, Transaction Processing 
    ORDS CRUD Generator tool on ATP / APEX
    I've made a CRUD Generator tool that can create an SQL script that creates a complete CRUD operation and a PATCH procedure

    I would like to share something that can benefit everyone working with ATP and Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS), being: the ORDS CRUD Generator.

    It can automagically create all CRUD operations in the REST layer of Oracle's new Autonomous Transaction Processing database (ATP). Check out my blog how and also the link to the working JSFiddle.

    We are working towards a real database under the Process and Rapid Application Development layers, and this tool makes life a lot easier for us. The reason to use this tool for us is twofold, extensibility (easily can add / edit REST services) and a better CI/CD strategy. I just wanted to share this post so others can freely use the tool if they need it.