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    Need Sample Time entry rule to validate specific timecard...
    Idea posted January 8, 2020 by Bhupesh YadavBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    Need Sample Time entry rule to validate specific timecard type in OTL
    Organization Name:
    Nottingham City Council

    There are some examples provided by Oracle for different Time entry rules in OTL. But none of them specify how to make Time entry rules work for a specific element. This idea is created so as Oracle can provide a TER template for following case, as currently this is a big theoritical gap.

    For example formula, ORA_WFM_TER_WEEKEND_UNITS_AP will restrict the time entry on weekends, but it do so for all Payroll time type. There is no attribute to control if we need to do this for a particular element in payroll time type only.
    Consider this example:
    An employee can enter hours against three payroll time types: Element A, Element B, and Element C. However employee should not be able to enter any hours on weekend only for Element C. For element A and element B however employee can enter the timesheets on any day of the week. There is no such illustration or example in any of the TER formulas to achieve some functionality. 

    Please note that I tried to use ORA_WFM_TER_WEEKEND_UNITS_AP formula to achieve this requirement. PayrollTimeType array gives the name of payroll time types element in timecard, and HWM_CTXARY_RECORD_POSITIONS gives the hours/quantity information for each cell, but this does not correspond to PayrollTimeType index. Thus there is no link established between these two arrays due to which I am not able to validate a particular time type on particular days.

    I have added the attachment for the formula.

    Use Case and Business Need:

    Without this validation there will be no proper validations for a particular element against weekends and other conditions. Employee will be overpaid.