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    Mehnaz Rahman
    Customizing PDF Reports Using BI Publisher
    Topic posted July 24, 2019 by Mehnaz RahmanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence, FAQ, How-To, Questionnaire, Tip 
    Customizing PDF Reports Using BI Publisher

    Supplier Qualification’s seeded BIP reports like Supplier Qualification Questionnaire PDF, Supplier Registration Questionnaire PDF can be customized using the BI publisher by using the customization feature. Upon selecting the option for a report, BI Publisher creates a copy of the report in the "Custom" folder. This custom copy is linked internally to the original report with the same underlying data model. User can customize the custom copy of the report and select it as default report, leaving the original report intact. When a request to run the report is initiated, whether from the BI Publisher catalog or through an application process, BI Publisher detects the customized version and runs it. Refer to the attachment for steps to customize a report.

    Important Notes:

    1. To use customize feature a folder named "Custom" must exist directly under Shared Folders. If the Custom folder is not seeded in application, an Administrator can create it.
    2. To customize the report user must be granted BI Author role (or a role that includes the permission
    3. To read the report in custom folder, user must be granted BI Consumer role.
    4. The Customize option is not available through the /analytics URL used to access Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (for example:
    5. To view Customize option you must access BI Publisher through the /xmlpserver URL (for example:
    6. It’s not recommended to modify the original reports because any modifications are overwritten with a patch that updates the original report. Follow the Customization Feature for more details.