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    Kathleen Day
    Learn what's new for July 2019 (19.07)
    Topic posted July 8, 2019 by Kathleen DayBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Allocations, Calculation, Costing, Customer Profitability, PCM, Profitability Analysis 
    Learn what's new for July 2019 (19.07)
    Read about new features for July 2019, 19.06

    I’m sure you have already read the latest What’s New post but here are my thoughts on the new items in 19.07:

    1. Our User Assistance (UA) team (fancy new name for the Documentation folks )  continues to pump out new videos.  There is an new overview tour of EPM Cloud

    Given the interest in last month’s post about our new EPM Standard Cloud and EPM Enterprise Cloud products, I highly encourage you to watch this video.

    1. Our UA folks are pumping out cool stuff left and right.  There is a new EPM Cloud Features Tool that lets you quickly find and filter features released each month for your EPM Cloud Business Process.  You can search all Business Processes or filter on individual ones.  The data goes back to the beginning of EPM Cloud in 2014!  The filtering capability is awesome and you can download it to a .csv or .html file for further searching locally.  This feature should be added to your bookmarks ASAP!
    2. Better Support for Rule Development and Testing
    3. Changes to Provisioning Terminology
    4. Removal of Support for Transport Layer Security Protocol 1.0 and 1.1

    And check out Upcoming Changes.....