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    Diego Martino Guzmán
    Auto-reversal Journals loaded in Dec
    Topic posted May 3, 2019 by Diego Martino GuzmánGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Income Statement 
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    Auto-reversal Journals loaded in Dec
    How to fix IS accounts data when an auto-reversal journal is ported in Dec and reversed in Jan (next year)

    Dear all,

    I have a problem with auto-reversal journals that the client has posted in Dec and reversed in Jan.

    What happens: the balance sheet accounts are ok, as the balance of the journal_input accounts remains at 0.

    The problems comes with the IS accounts as the journal effect splits into two periods and I dont know how to solve it.

    Has anyone had this problem?

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Best regards



    • Tarun Gulati
      Is the amoount reflecting in the month of Dec and not reversing in Jan ?
      • Diego Martino Guzmán

        Hi Tarun, thanks for your response.

        Actually, the amounts are reversed in Jan and that is the problem with IS accounts. When I want to see the amount of any IS account for Jan with a reversed journal posted, I get for that account the sum of the amount from the GL and the amount of the journal for Jan (originally posted in Dec and reversed in Jan).

        So, for the new period the IS accounts take the Jan amount from the Journal and the new amounts form the GL (the idea is just keep the GL info)

        I dont know if I am being clear enough.

    • Tarun Gulati
      Hi Diego, Some screenshots might help
    • Diego Martino Guzmán

      Here is a screenshot.

      As you can see, I don't have data loaded form the GL for Jan. Nevertheless, the Jan balance for that account takes into consideration the reversal amount that comes from the journal posted in Dec.

      As this is a new period, this effect is driving me crazy!!! 


      • Steven Getze, CMA

        Hi Diego,

        Why would the values in column K be zero?  I see that no GL data is loaded for January (Managed Data), but you posted a January 2019 journal (Journal Input) when you created a reversing JE in December.   This DOES impact the data at the top of the Data Source dimension - the values of $168,009 are correct.  

        Perhaps your intent is that the January JE meant to offset activity in the January GL load?  

    • Diego Martino Guzmán

      Hi Steven, you are correct. The app is working as expected.

      The problem is that I have to find a solution to offset the value of the $168,009 due to Total Data Source should be $ 0 (not taking into consideration the journal impact)