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    Ravi Upadhyayulla
    Corporate Credit Card Expenses
    Topic posted August 15, 2018 by Ravi UpadhyayullaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Expenses, Financials, Payables 
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    Corporate Credit Card Expenses
    Credit card expenses do they need to clear as paid for employee


    We have set the corporate credit card payment option as Company. 

    Load the transactions from the CC company and assigned to employees. Create corporate card issuer payment requests to generate invoice/payment request to pay the credit card company.

    Employee submits the expense report for approval to manager (all expenses are business related only). Payment requests are created once audited, does a payment need to be recorded to offset this payment request (but no actual payment going to employee).

    Please clarify the process for us.





    • Ravi Upadhyayulla

      Correction on the above post.

      Employee submitted payment request has been updated with the offset account to make the balance to 0.00. Actual expense report status has been changed to Paid.

      How can the payment request status be changed to Paid even though it's 0.00. Good that it's now displayed within the Payables Trial Balance Report (seeded report). 

      Just wondering if we need to run a process that the payment request paid status can be updated.

      • Siva Kumar

        Hi Ravi,

        Did you get solution  for this ? We also want to update the status of the zero amount invoices to Paid.





        • Ravi Upadhyayulla

          Hi Siva,

          We are testing by creating a dummy bank, branch and account to clear them as paid. Now our worry is the email/remittance sent to employees for that 0.00 payment (working on it for confirmation).

          Hope Oracle provides a seeded process to mark them as fully paid which are company paid employee credit card transactions in the future.