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    phani prakhya
    CAD connectors for Product Developments
    Topic posted October 31, 2018 by phani prakhya, tagged Product Development, Product Hub, SCM 
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    CAD connectors for Product Developments
    List of tools that are available to Connect to SCM product development Module

    Hi ,

    Can any one know do we have any readily available plugins OR tools to connect to MCAD or ECAD connectors that connects to SCM Product development module. 

    i know we can used item attachment web service to development to utility but  do oracle provides any tools to connect to could SAAS application






    • Marc Charmetant

      Hi Phani,

      Oracle partners with XPLM ( for connector development to ECAD and MCAD. We currently have several solutions based on the context. Could be a direct connection to the TDM or it could be a connection from and to the xCAD with a Design Vault as the local vault (that could be in the cloud too). In that case the Design are managed in the local vault and the Items, BOMs, changes, BOM Redlines are synchronized with PD.




      • Tony Cai

        Hi Marc,

        Really a good news, here we have the same question, would you please share detail solution about the connector with PD cloud? is there a dedicated contact managing the solution with Oracle?