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    Steven Smith
    Branding Variation on Supplier Facing Screens
    Topic posted October 17, 2017 by Steven Smith, tagged FAQ, How-To, Setup, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration, Supplier User Account 
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    Branding Variation on Supplier Facing Screens
    Can the appropriate branding be presented to suppliers, depending on the entity they are dealing with within a large global enterprise?

    If an enterprise has multiple companies with different brands, can the appropriate branding be presented to suppliers.

    1. My understanding is that BU specific PO branding would allow the appropriate branding to appear on outgoing POs. I think that’s clear. I would be grateful for confirmation.
    2. Can the supplier facing screens (Supplier Portal, Supplier Registration etc.) be branded (logos/colours) to reflect the entity that the supplier is dealing with? (the correct company branding for one of the the multiple companies/brands within the enterprise)
    3. Can the emails/notifications sent to suppliers be branded in the same way as described in point 2?
    4. If branding is not possible, what does the supplier see that allows him/her to know which organisation they are dealing with?



    • Hong Gao

      1. You can configure the RTF template for PO pdf and put in BU specific branding information.

      2. and 3. Supplier portal shows the logo/branding for the enterprise, but it is not possible for that to be BU specific since suppliers can have business relationships with multiple procurement BUs.  This could be a nice enhancement for notification, but it's not available today.  The email notification usually contains information about BU.

      4. Transactions such as purchase document, invoices, etc. usually carry attributes display on business unit, legal entity and suppliers can leverage these information to set the context.