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    Mohan Gundepudi
    Adding seeded reports to custom role
    Topic posted April 18, 2019 by Mohan GundepudiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables, Reports, Sample Reports, Search, Tip 
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    Adding seeded reports to custom role
    How to add seeded reports to custom role

    We have created some custom roles in AP. But with those roles assigned, some users are complaining that they cannot access some seeded reports : 

    We have created a custom Payments Supervisor role but with this role users are not able to access seeded - Payables Invoice Register;  CorrectImport Error Report;  Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report.

    We have another custom role : *** AP Inquiry. And users want to access all the above 3 reports with this custom inquiry role.


    Any inputs are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.







    • Sudheer Rakasi


      The Payables Period Close Duty is needed to get access to the Submit Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report privilege, which grants the ability to submit the Payables Trial Balance report.

      Please be aware that when assigning the Payables Period Close Duty to a user, they will also get access to the following reports:
      1. Submit Payables Payment Register
      2. Force Approve Payables Invoice
      3. Submit Payables Open Items Revaluation Report
      4. Submit Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report
      5. Submit Payables Invoice Register
      6. Submit Period Close Exceptions Report
      7. Submit Payables Unaccounted Transactions Report

      Reference :Duty Needed to Access the Payables Trial Balance Report (Doc ID 1524807.1)

      You can also get a complete list of job roles and duty roles from the below reference

      if you have issues with your custom job even after adding the duty roles, Please open an SR with Oracle Support.



      • Mohan Gundepudi

        Thanks Sudheer for your valuable inputs. I will go through this doc.

        I am also looking at how to get access to Correct Import Errors report in Payables with the AP Inquiry role.


        Best regards