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    Richard Laird
    Return to Inventory screen from Plugin
    Topic posted December 7, 2018 by Richard LairdBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Inventory / Parts, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Return to Inventory screen from Plugin


    We've written a plugin within our Inventory screens which we're using to search for stock, using the barcode scanner. Using the OOTB tool wasn't suitable as we need to provide additional validation on what's being scanned.

    I'm looking to see how we can take the properties we've obtained from our search and Return from the plugin into the Inventory Details screen, using the ID's we've found when searching. Is this possible? The documentation suggests it's not which is disappointing. 

    I found this thread, but not able to see how this can be done using the 'invid'; would it also change the backScreen parameter? If this could be done, could it also be used to return to 'add_to_deinstalled' screens should an item not be found?

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    • Graham Sawell

      Hi Richard,

      If you're navigating away from the inventory object to a single plugin instance to search, then using the default behaviour should take you back to the last screen that was being used before the plugin was opened, i.e.

          "apiVersion": 1,
          "method": "close",
          "backScreen": "default"

      This would effectively be your 'exit without doing anything' method, you could then additionally have a method that uses the same backScreen action of default, but also creates the inventory against the current activity, as you can maniuplate any activity the user has access to using the plugin API irrespective of where the user is routed in the navigation.

    • Richard Laird

      Thanks Graham.

      We're invoking the plugin from the inventory list screen however we want it to return to the inventory details screen, if it's been found in one of the inventory pools. Returning to the inventory list doesn't really give us anything sadly.

      If an item wasn't found, then we'd want to call 'add_to_deinstalled' and create the item of inventory as you've described. 

    • Richard Laird


      Has anyone else had any experience in this area?


    • Richard Laird

      For reference, I've created an idea in the ideas lab

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