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    Oracle Business Intelligence 11g installation
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by GIUSEPPE IACONOGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged BI Publisher 
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    Oracle Business Intelligence 11g installation

    I Guys,

    I want to install Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, I Just download the 5 from

    I unziped the files in a folder and executed: C:\Users\Desktop\bishiphome\Disk1\install\win64\setup.exe.

    I arrived to the steps 8, but now I don't know where I can find the value of the field to continue.

    Can Someone helps me?

    Best Regards





    • Christian Berg

      The RCU is used to create the BIPLATFORM schema (plus MDS) which is then used by the OBIEE installer. So you need to run the RCU and note the main information.

    • Santosh Kumar Bhairi

      Hello Giuseppe,

      I am sure you would have installed a local database as well. You  would need to provide your local database details in this section, basically a TNS entry.



    • Shakher Sharma

      What is the purpose of this installation? If you want to install for learning/training purpose, I would advise you to use Oracle Pre-Built Developer Virtual Machine for OBIEE. These virtual box images comes with entire OBIEE suite  pre-installed and configured along with lots of sample data and reports, analysis, dashboards etc.

    • Michael Cook

      Personally I would be looking at the latest 12C installation of OBIEE as it is a simpler installation process as the RCU can be done during the setup process.

      Just my preference to 11G

    • Shakher Sharma

      You need to first install a database and then create a schema/user into it. You can call it DEV_BIPLATFORM. Then you need to specify this schema i.e DEV_BIPLATFORM and it's password in this screen.

    • nathan morgan (at Client)


      You must follow the steps in the install guide (which includes setting up you database first as the previous reply said)...

      Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) E10539-06 April 2015

      as part of the doc library

      BTW If you are using BI as part of an oracle applications cloud saas then you do not need to install obi - oracle have already installed it for you on the cloud. If you are not then this is a very very old version of bi from 14th May 2015. See my oracle support articles OBIEE 12c: Required and Recommended Bundle Patches and Patch Sets For Oracle Business Intelligence 12c (Doc ID 2070465.1) and OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Bundle Patches and Patch Sets (Doc ID 1488475.1)