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    Emergency Requisitions and Urgent Requisitions
    Topic posted September 15, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited September 16, 2019, tagged Create Requisition, How-To 
    Emergency Requisitions and Urgent Requisitions
    What are Emergency Requisitions and Urgent Requisitions?

    Customers / Support

    This is more of a 'Did you know' type of article.

    There were a couple of recent queries that I thought were worth reminding customers and support on. Admittedly, we don't get these very often but might be worth knowing or remembering for when they may be used in your transaction flows

    Concept 1: What are the differences between an Emergency Requisition and an Urgent Requisition

    A. As you must be aware, you can tag a requisition  using 'Emergency' or 'Urgent' definitions. The former is done using the checkbox 'Emergency purchase order number required' while the latter is tagged using the checkbox 'Urgent'.

    B. The 'Emergency' tag applies to a requisition at the header level, not specific lines. 'Urgent' is tagged at a requisition line level

    C. The 'Emergency' tag reserves a purchase order number against the requisition on submission and so when processed the requisition can be converted into a purchase order using the reserved order number and in a touchless process. The 'Urgent' tag does not reserve a purchase order number but simply alerts the buyer on a process requisition table that the line is an urgent line requiring processing

    D. You can mark an 'Emergency' Requisition also as 'Urgent'

    E. In order to qualify to be an 'Emergency' requisition, all lines in that requisition must be identified to the same supplier and supplier site. This of course is logical because a purchase order can only be created for one supplier and supplier site combination. Remember, if the requisition contains mixed lines, i.e, multiple suppliers or even same supplier but different sites, or IMT lines, then you will receive an error on Submit if you have tried to tag the requisition as 'Emergency'.

    Concept 2: Can you create an FYI notification for 'Urgent' Requisitions?

    This was a question raised in an internal forum by customers. The business need was to send the buyer an alert for an approved requisition that is identified as 'Urgent'.

    These are the points to note:

    1. If the requisition is 'auto approved' then, you cannot set an FYI notification configuration to send notifications

    2. If the requisition is manually approved, yes, you can do this by using the approval attribute 'Urgent'

    3. If it makes sense in your business scenario, the buyer can be an approver on the requisition as well so as to prevent a separate notification to be sent.

    Feel free to share your thoughts / observations and whether you have similar use cases in your business.