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    Gaston van de Weijer
    Reference Relationship in BI Publisher
    Topic posted October 22, 2019 by Gaston van de Weijer 
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    Reference Relationship in BI Publisher


    I created an interview which loads data about a certain order - it then needs to go into boxes and I need to create shipping labels

    1. The user adds an instance 'the box' and enters dimensions and more information. 

    2. I created a relationship from 'the box' to 'the item' called 'the debrief item in the box'

    3. I added this relationship to the entity collect screen, so you can check which items will be in the box.

    4. The data overview displays exactly what I want:

    5. However, I cannot get this in BI publisher. I want an overview of items per box, however, I can't seem to pull this off. Once I create a 'for each' for every box, I can't add another 'for each' in there. I can't seem to add the items in this overview..

    How do I create a report with BI publisher with a page for a box and a list of items in the box below?