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    Vikash Sethi
    Add new segment value in COA value set
    Topic posted September 23, 2019 by Vikash SethiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged General Ledger 
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    Add new segment value in COA value set

    We need to create many new accounts in GL each month. The process which I follow is as follows:

    1. Navigate to 'Manage Chart of Accounts Value Set Values'  and Add a new value in the COA Segment. Do the same for value sets for Secondary Ledgers (where different COA exist)

    2. Go to 'Manage Account Hierarchies' - Add the newly created value at the respective hierarchy for each COA structure

    3. Run 'Publish Chart of Account Dimension Members and Hierarchies to Balances Cubes' for each COA structure

    4. Go to 'Manage Chart of Accounts Mappings' and map primary to secondary ledger segment value mapping (this takes the most time due to UI issue in this form)

    We are on 19C. Can we automate this manual process to save some time?






    • Anjali Bisht

      Hi Vikash,

      You can either opt for an additional system called DRM that can be used to maintain the Chart of accounts for both primary as well as secondary ledger and the entire process can be automated by this (one time investment) or use FBDI to update your Chart of accounts ,this is will help you save a lot of time in updating the chart of accounts each period.


      Anjali Bisht

    • Praveen T

      Hi Vikash,

      We have developed RPA  BOT for doing this activity in EBS. We can extend this for any other application and any other process which user wants to use it.

      Adding to this,  We can use this BOT for any other activities which can be automated and bundled in one BOT.  We can either schedule or run on demand  based on the activity which you want to run ( Like COA Value definition and related activities ( Task/Activity 1) , Running reports in GL & AP for reconciliation ( Task/Activity 2),  Month end activities ( Activity 3) with e- mail generation on sucessfull completion of the activity.

      You just need to define the process and call the BOT or schedule to run for any activity so that user can work on other core/important activities.






      • Vikash Sethi

        Thanks for suggestion Praveen. We also have an automation tool and have requested to automate this feature. But still there are many things to take care in it and will be difficult to automate, I assume.

    • Madhav Jupalli

      Hi Vikash,

      Have you considered using Rapid Implementation Template? It will perform steps 1,2, and 3 automatically. Lot of people use this for COA maintenance.



      • Kevin McCulley

        I have used the rapid implementation spreadsheet to upload new hierarchy versions when there are significant changes to the hierarchy or when we have to add a lot of new nodes/segment values (it will create any new ones automatically, and change the descriptions of any current ones).

        Just remember to de-activate the current hierarchy before you upload the new data.