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    Rudi van Heerden
    AP Invoive Approvals Spreadsheet load
    Topic posted March 8, 2019 by Rudi van HeerdenRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    AP Invoive Approvals Spreadsheet load
    Linking Approval Group to data set

    Good day

    I created a basic rule with a dataset on the spreadsheet, and when I put a username in the '*Approval Group /Supervisory Level/Job Level Range/ User / Role' field, the rule loads succesfully, but if i put a Approval group name in, the rule gets rejected and the error message say that the Aprroval group doesnt exist, even though i coppied the exact Approval Group name out of BPM.

    Is there a trick or some rule that I need to follow to link the Approval Group?  Do I need to enter a special character?

    R13 19A



    • Siva Kumar

      Can you refer to the Sample template files in 

      Setup and maintenance > Define Approval  Management for Financials > Manage Workflow Rules in Spread sheet  ?

    • Rudi van Heerden

      In the sample template they just enter the Approval Group name but when I upload it into Fusion I get an error saying that the Approval group doest exists, even though it does.

      When I enter a username then the loads goes in succesfully.

      • Leaman Crews

        Look at the .json file in the Approval Rules folder, which is saved in the same place as the spreadsheet and the .zip file. Is the group name entered correctly in the .json output? If not, correct it, re-zip the .json file and the spreadsheet, then upload this .zip.

        Also, I've found that the spreadsheet may not work well if you have edited it several times. You can try starting over with a fresh template and re-creating your rules. This helped with some problems I had with the spreadsheet before 19A.

    • Leaman Crews

      Look at the FinApInvoiceApproval task in BPM. Is the group name entered correctly there? If not, edit the task and choose the correct group name. 

    • Rudi van Heerden

      The upload is failing because it is not reconising the Approval group name, although the approval group is created in BPM