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    Aishwarya Pawar
    Desupport for Oracle B2B Gateway coming in Update 20A, B2B...
    Topic posted August 28, 2019 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited August 28, 2019, tagged Supplier Communication, Supplier Profile Management, Tip 
    Desupport for Oracle B2B Gateway coming in Update 20A, B2B Supplier Site code retained and moved to a new location!
    Oracle B2B Gateway will be desupported in Update 20A. B2B Supplier Site Code will continue to be available.

    Oracle B2B Gateway will no longer be supported as a B2B Communication method starting Update 20A. We do realize that the B2B Site Code attribute will continue to remain significant for some customers, so we have retained it as a supplier profile attribute, and have moved to it to a new location.

    Starting Update 19C, the B2B Site Code field no longer appears only when the B2B Communication Method is selected as Oracle B2B Gateway - Deprecated and in the B2B Communication Method section. Instead it appears in the section above, which is the Identification section and independent of the B2B Communication Method selected.

    Screenshot below provides additional reference.

    We want to encourage you to update the  B2B Communication Method to a value other than Oracle B2B Gateway - Deprecated and migrate your setup to use Collaboration Messaging Framework for all supplier sites enabled for B2B messaging (if you select Collaboration Messaging Framework as your choice).

    Refer to the Customer Connect post: Desupport Notice for Oracle B2B Gateway in Procure-to-Pay B2B Communications in Update 20A for additional details.