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    Vishal Chourasiya
    Quality Cloud Integration points
    Topic posted January 29, 2019 by Vishal Chourasiya 
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    Quality Cloud Integration points


    We are exploring if it is possible to integrate Oracle Quality Cloud stand alone with some third party ERP system or may be with EBS itself.

    We would want Inspection Plans defined in Oracle Quality Cloud and expect master data to come from a different ERP. 

    Are there any integration points like APIs or webservices to get data like Inspection plan data into Oracle Quality Cloud from a third party system?




    • Elaine Wan

      Hi Vishal,

      Oracle Quality Management Cloud is designed to work with the rest of the Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud applications, specifically complementing the product design and execution processes.  In order to integrate with Quality Management Cloud, you would need to synchronize master data, such as organizations, items, suppliers, customers, and possibly subinventories/locators, before defining inspection plans that map to the different types of inspection.  There are REST services to create/update inspection plans and enter inspection results.  See the REST API documentation for more information: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/supply-chain-management/19a/fasrp/index.html.