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    Mihajlo Belosevic
    FCCS - Code snippet for YTD_InputAnswered
    Topic posted September 19, 2019 by Mihajlo BelosevicRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Consolidation, Dimensions, Insertion Points, On Demand Rules 
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    FCCS - Code snippet for YTD_Input
    Script for calculating periodic movement based on YTD_Input

    Hello guys,

    I'm aware that this topic has already been mentioned before, but I would be really grateful if someone could send me a part of script for calculating Periodic Movement based on YTD_Input. Our client would like to input only year to date values for both Balance Sheet and P&L accounts (current configuration is opposite, they have to enter period movement values and run consolidation in order to get Closing Balance), and for this we need to make a rule. I'm not sure do I need to trigger each base level account, do I have to use UDA for these purposes,...Some help would be appreciated :)

    Thanks all !

    BR, Mihajlo




    • Keith Glide

      If you load data to FCCS_YTD_Input you do not need to populate the periodic values by rules... FCCS will do it for you as part of the load process. See the Admin Guide here:

      However, note that YTD is not the same as Closing Balance and applies only to the YTD movements for the current year.

      If you want to load Closing Balance for Balance Sheet accounts (what I would term "Life-to-date"), then you need rules... or the upcoming enhancement 28405987 - FCCS - SYSTEM RULE - CALCULATE MOVEMENTS (FROM CLOSING BALANCE INPUT) expected to be released (I hope) later this year.