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    Doug Smidebush
    Shortcut to a Create Page?
    Topic posted May 29, 2019 by Doug SmidebushBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Configuration, Core SFA, UX 
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    Shortcut to a Create Page?
    Can I create a Call Report directly from springboard or announcements?

    Is there a way to create a shortcut (via a URL, perhaps) to go directly to a Create Page?  One of our users' most frequent tasks in Sales/Engagement Cloud is to create Call Reports.  Creating a call report is currently nested behind several clicks, whether going through Account or Activities.  It would be nice to have a link directly on the front page after logging in for a quick, ad-hoc call report entry..





    • Mihaela Anghel

      Hi Doug,

      As per what I am seeing inside the docs for the chapter Direct Page Links: Explained, seems you can have the activity object,to open a list of all activities..


      You can try to see ,if you can have the Create Call report button along with this..


      Best regards,




    • Reghu

      Indeed we required this for create contact and Account in one of our projects. unfortunately we don't have.   There is a new Deeplink concept in HCM which actually does, but not yet adopted by OEC (to the best of my knowledge).

      Fortunately for your requirement (to create call report), OEC provides a way from home page.



      • Doug Smidebush

        That would work great to create a call report for a planned appointment.  However, I don't see a way to jump right to "Create Call Report" for an ad-hoc customer interaction, such as in inbound phone call or unplanned drop-by. 

        Am I missing something about the Actionable Infolet?  Is there a way to create a call report without an preceding appointment?




        • Reghu

          I doubt that we could do that.  As I told, they have direct link feature for Service Request create/edit pages, hope they would extend for other objects too.



    • Reghu

      Infact, this feature is present for Service Request object too..