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    Tax on Invoice amount
    Topic posted August 9, 2018 by SJ, tagged Project Billing & Revenue, Project Contracts, Project Costing, Project Management, Project Performance Reporting, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting, Project Resource Management 
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    Tax on Invoice amount
    Want to calculate Tax on event amount


    We added a new organization under main project hierarchy and did all require setup for same. We created an event for billing and generate a invoice for a new customer. Customer wants to see tax on this invoice before transferring to AR and we don't want to enable Tax classification code for a BU as will applicable for all.

    Thanks for your help.




    • Perry Unrau

      Presuming you have the appropriate taxes being calculated on project contract invoices containing expenditure items charged to the project and new organization involved, are you entering this same project and organization onto the billing event?  If not, please try this out and see if it resolves the issue.  If you have, I would suggest you log an SR with Global Support.