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    Jihane Mazloum
    401: Unauthorized error when invoking...Answered
    Topic posted August 7, 2019 by Jihane MazloumSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited August 7, 2019, tagged Expenses, Financials, General Ledger, Invoice Imaging, Payables, Receivables, Security, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting, Subscriptions, User Interface 
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    401: Unauthorized error when invoking finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService

    We are experiencing an error when trying to access the "finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService"  of Oracle Cloud AP invoices web service [401: Unauthorized error]

    we are using "integrationuser" - configured and assigned all required roles and is active.

    We tried another web service call [finGlAccountsCodeCombo/AccountCombinationService] using the same user "integrationuser" and it's working fine.

    1- do you know what is the list of user roles that should be assigned for [finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService]
    we r referring to

    2- This behaviour/error/failure starts after upgrading our ORacle Cloud Environment from 19B to 19C


    Appreciate any feedback or ideas



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    Jihane Mazloum

    Hi, this was fixed after we have reset the user credentials. dunno what was the reason, but this is resolved now.