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    Janusz Jasinski
    Oracle Fusion / Business Intelligence exporting reports to...
    Topic posted February 9, 2019 by Janusz JasinskiBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
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    Oracle Fusion / Business Intelligence exporting reports to Service Cloud WebDav


    We have Oracle Fusion and with it comes business intelligence. We are looking at scheduling reports to go to service cloud's WebDav. However it is not happening. Oracle support is tragic as usual so was hoping someone had experience of this.

    Any advice?






    • Justin

      Im fairly certain you cannot do that. You can only edit dev portal stuff  for oracle service cloud webdav. Its not meant to be a place to upload prod files or image or reports etc...

    • Janusz Jasinski

      Oh right - just to be clear:

      • I want to create a report on the business intelligence tool on Oracle Fusion
      • I want that report to be able to be saved into the WebDav (there is an option in the tool to save to WebDav)

      So are you saying that one "Oracle product" can't communicate with another "Oracle product" or am I missing something here? Why wouldn't it be possible? A WebDav is just a location like any other.

    • Justin

      you can save to webdav just not to a service cloud site ie

      heres some info on service cloud portal folder structure


    • Justin

      you may be able to add it to your folder, but thats not really what its for. 

    • Janusz Jasinski

      That is where I want to save it, yeah.

      I mean, it's used to store assets so I'm ok with that.

    • Justin

      yeah you would have to store it in assest, most of the other folders/files are locked. you also need to make sure you have MOD_CP_DEVELOPMENT_ENABLED in the RNT console:


      1. Double-click Configuration Settings in Configuration > Site Configuration.
      2. Enter MOD_CP_DEVELOPMENT_ENABLED in the Key field.
      3. Click Search.
      4. Select Yes in the Value field.
      5. Click Save


      and then add the profile permissions for cp edit, cp stage, and cp promote to the user you will be using to log into webdav :



      1. Log in to Oracle Service Cloud.
      2. Double-click Profiles under Configuration > Staff Management.
      3. Double-click the profile you want to assign permissions to.
      4. Click Permissions.
      5. Select the appropriate permission:
        • CP Edit—permission to edit customer portal pages using WebDAV, but not to stage or promote them. Staff members with this permission can also access the Customer Portal Administration site.
        • CP Stage—allows profile members to copy the development files to the staging area. The CP Edit check box is selected automatically.
        • CP Promote—allows profile members to promote customer portal pages from the staging area to the production area. This permission level automatically selects CP Stage and CP Edit.
      6. Click Save.

    • Janusz Jasinski

      Sorry - to be clear, we have WebDav enabled. We've been using it for 2 years.

      My question is whether anyone has used Oracle Fusion Business Intelligence to schedule reports to be saved in Oracle Service Cloud's WebDav

    • Janusz Jasinski

      This is what we get presented with but no matter what we try, it fails