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    Federico Samyn Dowie
    Labor costs allocation by percentage of time spent in Oracle...
    Topic posted February 8, 2019 by Federico Samyn DowieBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management, Public Sector 
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    Labor costs allocation by percentage of time spent in Oracle PPM cloud
    Looking for alternatives to capture labor costs and perform an allocation between different projects by percentage of time spent

    Hello PPM experts:

    Our non-profit project centric organization is currently relying on time card entries to capture labor costs by projects, but we want move away from this approach. Mainly because everybody is required to enter a time card, including Admin and other non-project related employees (and managers). Additionally, time entries are based on hours worked (not percentage of time spent on an specific project/task). 

    Our Research Funding team is looking for an alternative to allocate labor costs for external funded projects by percentage of time spent. They are even looking at a third party Grants Management system to accomplish this and then interface it back to Oracle. HR is on board with discontinuing Time Card entries in Oracle as long as employees report exceptions (time off, vacations, etc.).

    Does anybody have a suggestion or can share your experience and best practices when dealing with this kind of requirement?    



    PPM Cloud 18c



    • Vamsi Krishna Maddipatla

      Hi Fede,

      Can you use the import cost spreadsheets or a PaaS solution or an interface to upload costs directly into Projects. You can use the specific source to track Missing time cards as well. Did you consider this option. I am not aware of a standard solution other than this.

      There will be use cases like how to deal time writing with holidays, overtimes , absences etc and how you will proportionate it to the % time worked on the project which is something very unique to your client so i dont think i can comment on that logic.


    • Federico Samyn Dowie

      Hi Vamsi,

      Thanks for your reply. Getting the labor costs from spreadsheets rather than time cards shouldn't be a challenge based on the two options you mentioned (Import spreadsheet or PaaS).

      The challenge is to distribute the cost across different projects when time cards are not entered. We may need a third party or PaaS where employees can allocate project time by % and then import it into Oracle. Any other ideas?

      Thanks again.



    • Vamsi Krishna Maddipatla

      Hi Fede,

      At some point of time you need to tell the system that it has to be allocated. I suggest you to verify the standard functionality of cost allocations if that will help you or not. With the limited understanding of your requirement per your note, i suggest you can pull over the missing time cards report or prepare a spreadsheet of the missing time that is not entered and post it to an specific project, task. Call this project as source project. In the create cost allocations rules, create a rule to evenly spread the cost across various target projects that you want to allocate. 

      I would suggest you to go through this and we can discuss further if that helps you or not.