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    Zunaira Butt
    Error In Oracle Data Visualization Desktop
    Topic posted September 25, 2019 by Zunaira Butt, tagged Access & Manage Data, Analysis, Developers, Documentation, Machine Learning, Packaging & Licensing, Prepare & Model Data, Reporting, Tip 
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    Error In Oracle Data Visualization Desktop
    Error in training the dataset

    Hello sir/Madam, I have recently download the Oracle Data Visualization Desktop. I need this for my thesis project on Big Data analysis. I want to train my dataset using machine learning but when I train my dataset the following error show.

    Step |j| Execution failed. Status: FAILED. Message: [nQSError: 46105] Error executing process: "C:\Program Files\dvmlruntime\Python-3.5.2\amd64\python.exe" C:\Users\Zuni\AppData\Local\Temp\DVDesktop\servers\obis1\tmp\nQS_PAF_9636_3_16932481.TMPThe system cannot find the file specified.[nQSError: 43224] The Dataflow "example" failed during the execution.[nQSError: 43204] Asynchronous Job Manager failed to execute the asynchronous job.

    Please tell me how can I resolve this error. I also try to find the solution from Oracle Website but I don't get it. I hope you will help me to resolve this issue. Thank you.

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    • Aman Jain

      Hello Zunaira,

      You will need to reinstall DVML.

      I also faced the similar issue earlier however after reinstalling it got resolved.

      Hope this helps!

      Best Regards,

      Aman Jain

      • Zunaira Butt

        Hello sir,

        Thanks for the reply.

        I also reinstall it but the issue does not resolve. Is there another method available to resolve this issue.

    • Sandeep Chauhan

      Hi Zunaira,

      Make sure you are following correct steps (flow) in executing this -

      Save the Data Flow => Save the Model => Execute the saved Data Flow



    • Fernando Ponte

      Hi Zunaira

      Please have a look on how to get more details from Oracle DV Desktop on this post.

      Best Regards

      Fernando Ponte