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    Jaco Van der Gaag
    Integration between OTL and Purchasing
    Topic posted February 2, 2019 by Jaco Van der GaagBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged FAQ, How-To, Orders, Setup 
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    Integration between OTL and Purchasing
    Integration between OTL and Purchasing

    Is there any seeded integration available between OTL and Purchasing? My client uses a lot of contingent workers to work on different customer projects. When those workers are hired, internal buyer creates 3 way match PO for this, with expected hours and hourly rate. The contingent worker will justify his time spend on the project by creating timesheet in OTL. Timesheet is approved by the project manager. Is their any flow which creates the receipt automatically from the time hours data entered by the contingent worker? Because it’s really time consuming to register all the receipts. And if this is not available currently is this kind of functionality on the roadmap?

    Without this kind of functionality what would be the best approach to implement this process into the system?



    • Manavalan Ethirajan

      1. For services based PO lines, recommendation is to use 2 way match

      2. For services PO where payment is based on Milestones, suggestion is to create multiple PO lines, each representing the milestone based payment expected.

      There are no enhancements planned for this flow as of this time