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    Vigneshwar V
    Generating WSDL with SOAP services
    Topic posted February 28, 2019 by Vigneshwar VRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged SOAP 
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    Generating WSDL with SOAP services
    We are working on integration to update the custom object fields using SOAP services using SOA as middleware

    We have developed a soap services from the generic RightNow WSDL in update method manually we made changes in code for custom objects & custom fields structure.  We have tried accessing the WSDL in SOA, we couldn't find the custom fields and as like in SOAP we couldn't add manually. 

    Is it possible to generate a WSDL to display the custom objects in it or how could we add the fields manually in SOA

    Thanks in advance. 






    • Luuk

      Please take a look at the soap documentation:

      There's a full chapter on custom objects and custom fields in there.