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    Diego Chareca
    Supplier Account Details
    Topic posted May 29, 2017 by Diego CharecaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Payables 
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    Supplier Account Details
    Any UI including Supplier's payable invoices similar to Customer Accounts Details? (ERP Cloud)

    Is there any UI similar to Customer Accounts Details, but including Suppliers payables invoices information? I'm looking for an interactive UI on ERP Cloud, that allows users to select a supplier and review all the payable invoices and payments, with dates and amounts.






    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Hi Diego,

      As far as I know we do not have this ready UI in AP. The only 2 possibilities I know:

      1) use Manage Invoices task and use: Paid Status to search for unpaid or paid invoices for a particular supplier. You could save those searches for yourself to make it easier later to use them...

      2) use OTBI (e.g. subject areas: Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time  & Paybles Payments - Payment History Real Time) to create your own view for this. Probably a dashboard will the most suitable form here as you will have to join several subject areas.

      I would go for a second choice as there you can make more ready view for following supplier balances, supplier transaction history. Using Payables Invoices subject area gives you possibility to list invoices and invoices related data (e.g. approvals) and also the open and paid amounts. If you need also detail information on payments, perhaps you would need some more work and try to join Payments related subject area or do some detail report linking to payments or do some Dashboard or both. But in general it is possible to do similar thing in OTBI. But unfortunately there is nothing completely ready on the plate yet... Another thing we would miss also in OTBI at the moment is deep linking, meaning that you will not be able to link to an invoice from OTBI (if somebody knows how to do this, I would really appreciate if you can share it because then we could create an amazing BI reports with linking directly to transactions)

      With respect

      • Diego Chareca

        Thank you so much for your quick response, Alexey! Yes, I'd choose your second option, too. That will allows us to inquire the transactions and create totals, as required, and combining different subject areas, as you mentioned.

        I'll focus on OTBI, then, and try to dig into "drill-down" functionality and the possibility to access ERP Cloud transactions. Keep you posted in case of any findings.