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    David Soto
    Adding another hiearchy field to Address (Besides...
    Topic posted July 29, 2015 by David SotoBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Adding another hiearchy field to Address (Besides Country & State)


    RightNow for standard has only 2 hierarchy address fields: Country > State/Province that can be managed via the Internationalization > Country screen.

    But in my country (Peru) we have 3 hierarchy categories: Country > State > Sub-Province (for example). 

    What can we do? I thought maybe creating a custom menu field "Sub-Province" (that via a lot of workspace rules show the correct SubProvince based on the State selected), but
    a) I don't know how to create a custom field for "Address" table (unless I have to created under "Contact")
    b) On the Contact Workspace I only get the "Address" as the whole packaged, I can't add another field under "Address" (see screenshot).

    Hope you could give me the correct ideas of how to "address" this requeriment.
    Thanks in advice




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      Address is complete object under Contact and it can not have custom fields. Option you thought is correct to add new Custom object/Custom Field to contact object. 
      To fit the new field in design you need to use new custom design which may need AddIn to change view, as you want.