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    Vikhil Khobragade
    How to implement inline file upload in Oracle Digital...
    Topic posted July 8, 2019 by Vikhil KhobragadeBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Bots, Conversational AI, Virtual Assistant 
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    How to implement inline file upload in Oracle Digital Assistant
    Implementing file upload within bot conversation


    We are trying to implement file upload in the inline conversation, now we are uploading the file using file upload button that comes by default with SDK .

    Please refer the YouTube link for example




    • Rohit Dhamija

      Hi Vikhil,

      You may try 

      • Adding web forms as mentioned in this tech exchange article


      Rohit Dhamija

    • Vikhil Khobragade

      Hi Rohit,

      We are looking for the action on the attachment button which is there in the SDK by default. By using that action we can implement the same inside the form in the conversation.

    • Frank Nimphius


      actually file upload is a feature of the messenger. This is the same for Facebook and other messengers as well. Reason is that the actual file upload is through the messenger channel. Oracle DA only receives the URL to download the uploaded content.

      If you want to launch an upload from within a conversation, use a System.WebView component and create your own upload dialog and upload using e.g. JET


    • Vikhil Khobragade

      Hi Frank,

      Currently we can write html code inside  YAML code due to customization of SDK, Now can add the entire html form into the conversation itself and I'm trying to add customized upload button in html form but the issue is unable to receives the URL .

      I guess there is some restriction from the SMOOCH, could you please help on this.







    • Frank Nimphius


      actually one of the concerns I had when we released the paper about customizing the JS Client SDK was that developers go for overdoing it.

      In your case you would need to implement the whole upload logic to a custom server and then pass the URL in a profile variable to the bot. This however would not trigger a navigation to read the profile and thus requires a message to be sent from the messenger to the bot. If to a later time you decide to also support facebook, then your bot just doesn't work anymore as you would have to add distinction code or remove all the customizations. 

      As far as I am aware, Smooch does not expose us with an API we can call from JavaScript to perform the upload.