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    Features available with a Self Service Procurement License
    Topic posted November 3, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged FAQ, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Features available with a Self Service Procurement License
    A brief analysis of features that are available only when the customer has a Self Service Procurement License

    Customers / Support

    We have received queries around what features are / are not available if the organization does not have a Self Service Procurement application license. Many a time, these questions are in the context of where the buying organization acquires Purchasing Licenses and seeing that some standard Shopping features are available by default. But customers then start to wonder what the Self Service Procurement offering is and what is not available without it.

    The attached document is a treatise that my colleague Ifeanyi has put together that compiles a glossary of all such features that are only available to customers with a Self Service Procurement license.

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