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    Lisa Ozkan
    Release 12 upgrade dates are now available on My Services!
    Topic posted March 1, 2017 by Lisa OzkanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Financials, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management, Risk Management 
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    Release 12 upgrade dates are now available on My Services!

    As of today, Oracle Applications Cloud (Fusion) customers can now view available Release 12 upgrade dates on My Services, and start scheduling their upgrades!

    Your Service Administrator will have four weeks to pick upgrade dates according to Oracle Applications Cloud - Release Upgrade Planning document. If you do not schedule your upgrade by this deadline, Oracle will schedule your upgrade dates.  Customers can still view/confirm/reschedule these dates through My Services up to one week before their upgrade date.


    • No Service Requests (SR) are required and customers who log SRs will be redirected to My Services.
    • If your Service Administrator is no longer with the company, and you do not have a backup Service Administrator, or if the existing Service Administrator cannot login to My Services, submit an SR to regain access. Instructions can be found in Service Administrator Action List.
    • You may use the attached slide deck to help you during upgrade scheduling.


    Read These Important Upgrade Documents Available in MOS



    • Janardhana Kondaveeti

      Hi Lisa,
      Excellent document..!




      Thanks for this reference..

    • Lisa Ozkan

      Time is ticking! Don't delay picking your Release 12 upgrade dates till last minute. After March 31st, if you still haven't scheduled an upgrade date for all of your environments, we will assign a date for each of your unscheduled environments.

    • Jim Van Tongerloo


      I just read about R13 Release Readiness. It says R13 is available in May of 2017 (next month).

      A lot of new functionality, really great. But why so soon after R12? Actually, we still haven't upgraded to R12 ourselves (planned).

      Will R13 be effectively available as of May 2017? Will there be any communication?