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    Vineet Gangwar
    Supplier Registration email concerns if SSO is enabled
    Topic posted June 4, 2019 by Vineet GangwarBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged How-To, Public Sector, Security, Setup, Supplier Communication, Supplier Creation, Supplier Registration, Supplier User Account, Tip 
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    Supplier Registration email concerns if SSO is enabled
    When SSO is enabled, organisations are suppose to disable the user account related email and this disables the emails for new account creations for supplier as well.

    If SSO is enabled, user account creation emails are generally disabled and this causes a challenge to implement supplier portal. As suppliers do not get communicated about their account creations automatically as soon as the account is created, followings are the possible solutions (and their challenges) which can be suggested to clients (there can be few more but these are based on my understandings of the application):

    1: Once supplier is registered and account is crated, go to security console, change the user category and reset the password to resend the emails to suppliers.

    Challenges - In most of the public (even in private) sectors, this activity is performed by a dedicated team of supplier admins/managers and they are not supposed to have the access of "Security Console" because of organisations security policies. Hence this solution doesn't sound feasible to clients.


    2- Keep notifications enabled and modify the content of user account email. Detail clear cut instructions for employees and suppliers on how they can access the application but again it comes with the risk that employees (new) might miss the instruction and start using it with the credentials provided in email rather that the SSO ones, which is again big concern for organisations.


    These are the 2 possible solutions which I could have thought of based on my understanding of Cloud application. Please feel free to correct me or suggest any alternate solution if you have come across similar requirement.  


    Vineet Gangwar




    • Hong Gao

      In the second option above, if the modified new user email template does not include login credentials, will that help to mitigate the risk/concern that you have?



      • Vineet Gangwar

        If we take out the login details how are we suppose to communicate the account details to supplier? As our primary objective is to communicate the supplier with their user details without going in to security console.




    • Deepika Nathany

      Any other recommendations here?

      we are implementing Supplier Portal -- and we have SSO enabled.

    • Jim Van Tongerloo


      We encountered the exact same problem. Due to this and several other issues in the flow of Supplier Portal/Supplier Registration, we chose not to implement this yet.
      We proposed solution 1 as well, but this is very cumbersome, certainly if this Supplier Registration is used in combination with Sourcing, things need to go fast. Solution 2 was not captured as a OK workaround.

      Oracle Support Bug 28917290 (DEFAULT CATEGORY FOR SUPPLIER USER ACCOUNTS) can be found at:

      The above ER was created to have a default category for Supplier User Accounts. This would allow you to keep notifications disabled for your DEFAULT (SSO) and turn on notifications for Supplier User Accounts.

      This is, in my view, the most ideal solution for this problem, and I can not imagine it being that hard to add. It is approved for future release but no idea when that will be.


    • Deepika Nathany

      Thanks Jim. 

      I have convinced my customer to use the approach 1. 

      Though its cumbersome - But looks like we are going with the first approach.

    • Vineet Gangwar

      There is one more option (If Chooser Login Page is disabled in SSO)-

      * Disable the user creation notification only and keep reset password enabled so once the user is created, supplier admin can click on "Reset Password" in supplier contact which will send an email to supplier with password reset link and account detail.