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    Auto receipt PO below a set value
    Topic posted May 2, 2019 by Rich LinesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Fusion, How-To, Orders, Setup, Tip 
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    Auto receipt PO below a set value
    Is it possible to create a rule for this

    Is it possible to create a rule/s in Oracle Fusion that would automatically receipt ALL lines on a purchase order IF the overall value is below a certain amount?

    We have 3 way matching set up BUT our organisation struggles with PO's not being receipted by the requester (this delaying payment to the supplier etc.)

    We would like to know if there is a way to for example auto receipt ALL the lines on a PO where the total value of that PO is £100.00 or less.


    Oracle Fusion release 19B



    • Swami Amajala

      We have same requirement and few options were considered, finally we ended up developing extension to auto-receive using REST API all the POs under $1K

      Options considered

      1) Create Separate line type and set the receipt tolerance to 100%, set match level to 2-way. This will require business process to always make sure user selects this line type for POs under the threshold value which is not foll-proof approach.

      2) Switch the suppliers to 2 way match. This is not feasible as we may order POs with higher dollar from same supplier

      3) Extension to Auto-receive POs overnight using a REST API. This is preferred by the business.