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    Haydee Mercado
    Adding PO line from catalog with different BPA and Supplier
    Topic posted February 1, 2019 by Haydee MercadoBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Agreements, Orders, Supplier Communication 
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    Adding PO line from catalog with different BPA and Supplier
    Need to fully understand why the system allow to add new PO line from catalog with different BPA and Supplier.

    Hi Gurus,

    Need your help for us to fully understand if the below scenario is a bug or what as we're not comfortable on how the system current functionality.

    So our scenario is, We have an existing PO having BPA = X and under Supplier = X, then as we all know we can add new line from a Catalog. Then we add new line from catalog having BPA =Y and Supplier = Y. The system allow us to completely process this PO.

     If the above functionality is allowed:

    1. Does the new added line from catalog with different supplier will now be under the supplier of the PO that we have? 

    2. Does it bypass the Agreement and Supplier originally setup for that added item catalog?

    Please help to explain.

    Appreciate your immediate inputs and help.

    Thanks in advance





    • Mohanish Mahajan

      Hi Haydee,

      My observation is that the catalog allows you to search items from all available suppliers/ BPA, but when you complete it and return to your PO, it just brings in the item information without any references to the BPA Y. So it bypasses the agreement Y as its not applicable for a PO raised against X.