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    Clare Farris
    Cash management data purge
    Topic posted July 10, 2019 by Clare FarrisRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited July 12, 2019, tagged Cash Management 
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    Cash management data purge
    Purging cash management data to reset the start date


    Since implementation we have had on-going issues using the Cash Management module which we have been working to resolve. As a result we have 10 months of mainly unreconciled data. Rather than work our way through this we want to reset cash management with a new start date in 2019. Is this an option? To do this we assume we would need to remove data currently in Cash Management and we need advice on how to do this. What is the impact of purging all data in CE? 

    External Transactions - Our current situation is that many companies have created external transactions in CE. As create accounting has been run every month these transactions would have been posted to the GL. What would be the impact? 

    We're looking for suggestions on how to proceed with this. What steps we should take and what pitfalls to avoid. What we need to consider regarding manual entries and entries from subledgers? 

    One of our companies has had success with Cash Management which we wouldn't want to purge. Is it even possible to selectively purge?