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    How to configure Purchase Requisition Email Approval...
    Topic posted May 15, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 17, 2018, tagged Approvals/Notification, Business Intelligence - BI, How-To 
    How to configure Purchase Requisition Email Approval Notifications with Business Intelligence Publisher
    Fusion POR Cloud R13: How to configure Purchase Requisition Email Approval Notifications with Business Intelligence Publisher

    Given below is a treatise on how to configure the BI Publisher Templates to modify the layout or format of the Requisition Approval Email Notifications:

    Release 13 (Update 18A) allows you to opt in to and enable Business Intelligence Publisher template based Requisition Approval email notification. This feature provides the capability to configure Requisition  Approval notification as per business needs. Refer Oracle Procurement Cloud TOI for more details.

    For Requisitions there are three flavors of Notifications that are supported in BIP

    • Standard Approval Notification
    • Re-Approval of line updated by Requester
    • Re-Approval of line updated by Buyer


    Download Report

    1. Login into Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.
    2. Click Catalog.
    3. Expand folders: Shared Folder -> Procurement -> Self Service Procurement.
    4. Select Requisition Approval Email Report. Click More and select Customize. This will create a copy of the report in the Custom folder.
    5. Click Edit under the Requisition Approval Email Body Layout. This will download the RequisitionApprovalEmailLayout.rtf.



    Edit Report

    1. Open the RequisitionApprovalEmailLayout.rtf in MS Word with BI plugin installed.
    2. User need to load the sample xml file, so that all the attributes in the data model are available for customizing the template.
    3. Edit the content or layout as necessary. For example, if you want to include Line level attribute Item Source, you can go to BI publisher, Select the field, ITEM_SOURCE and click insert
    4. Save.



    Upload Report

    1. Login into Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.
    2. In the Catalog, expand folders: Shared Folder -> Custom -> Procurement -> Self Service Procurement.
    3. Click Customize under the Requisition Approval Email Report.
    4. Click on Add New Layout button
    5. Click upload icon under Templates.
    6. In the Upload Template File pop up, select modified report, leave template type as rtf, select English (United States) as Locale, and click OK.
    7. Click Save icon on top right of the page.
    8. Go to List View of the templates, select the default layout and Save it.
    9. The customized attributes will be available in your Approval notification



    • Its recommended that you first Customize the original report to save a copy under the Custom folder. Desired changes should then be made to report under the Custom folder.
    • Preview changes prior to uploading the modified report.