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    Vi Giout
    Raise a notification when a field is updated
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Vi GioutBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration 
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    Raise a notification when a field is updated
    Raise a notification when a field is updated

    We have 2 cases when we would like to raise notifications when a field is updated 

    1. When a user updates a field from the UI. Then the integration should be sent a message from us to update the same field to a different system

    2. When we are receiving a inbound call to update an activity, we would check the values and case of some value we would like to update a different field of the activity.

    Is that possible? We havent found an activity updated trigger on message scenarios.



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      I let the others to answer the first, while I think it's not possible, but maybe there are workarounds.
      For the second, you can't put any business logic into OFSC flow, so you need to put that into the middleware.

    • Graham Sawell

      Zsolt is correct, OFSC offers only a passive means of identifying activity updates. You can either elect to use the Events API or the History API. For this use case I would reccomend using the Events API. Set up a subscription for just the fields you are interested in, having either middleware or a script to poll and process the subscription to identify changes as they happen in near real-time.

      Alternatively, if you have no need to know the information near real-time, but need it for the purpose of reconsiliation and storage on your CRM, you may opt to only send the data from a status change, which can be handled by outbound messaging. In general, the actions that commonly require real-time updates to systems of record (ETA changing, assignments changing, inventory movement) have a defined outbound message trigger for that purpose.