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    Ivan Pena
    How to Import Purchase Orders with Attachments
    Topic posted June 14, 2018 by Ivan PenaBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
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    How to Import Purchase Orders with Attachments

    When you import orders, you may want to include attachments as well. The ability to add attachments to a purchase order using the ERP web service is planned for a future release. In the meantime, you can take the following approach:

    1. Navigate to the Configure Requisitioning Business Function page and disable the "Create orders immediately option after requisition import" option
    2. Fill in the Import Requisitions FBDI template with data for the Purchase Orders to be imported. Populate the emergency PO number in the template with the desired number for the  PO being imported. 
    3. The requisitions will be created, but not yet converted to orders. At this point, you can call the UploadAttachment operation of the ErpObjectAttachmentSoap web service to add attachments to the requisitions. Please review Uploading Attachments to Requisitions Using ERP Object Attachment Service (Doc ID 2261597.1)
    4. After adding the attachments, you can convert the requisitions to purchase orders by submitting the Generate Orders process , The attachments added to the requisitions will be copied over to the newly created purchase orders.