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    Let’s start the conversation for Vocado Student Financial P...
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    Let’s start the conversation for Vocado Student Financial Planning
    Welcome to the Vocado Student Financial Planning Forum!

    The Vocado Student Financial Planning Forum is for topics associated with US Financial Aid support (eligibility, packaging, awarding, disbursing, etc). 

    Use this as a place to pose questions, connect with experts, and share your thoughts and ideas. New to Customer Connect? Visit the Getting Started page to learn how to best leverage community resources.

    As our customer base grows for Vocado Student Financial Planning (SFP), we’d like to get started with the collaboration for which Higher Ed is famous! Please use the Cloud Customer Connect forum to talk to us, the Product Management and Strategy teams as well as to engage with others who are considering or who are on a similar journey. 

    Visit the Student Management forum for topics related to other core pieces of the Student Cloud solutions. As our interaction warrants, we will utilize other features of this site, such as Events, the Idea Labs and so on. Stay tuned – this is just the beginning!

    If you’re new to Cloud Customer Connect, watch the introduction video for useful information. You can find the video on the home page, in the Conversation call out; just click the “Watch Now” button.  And, don’t forget to invite others to join the conversation!