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    Beth Bleijie
    Correct Import Errors in AP - Invalid Liability Account...
    Topic posted September 10, 2019 by Beth BleijieBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Financials, General Ledger, Payables, Setup / Administration 
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    Correct Import Errors in AP - Invalid Liability Account error
    When correcting Import Errors in AP we are getting an Invalid Liability Account error

    When correcting Import Errors in AP we are getting an Invalid Liability Account error, which we cannot clear.

    I found a document (Doc ID 2121636.1) with instructions to fix the problem, but I can't follow the document instructions.

    This user had no problem using the AP Load Invoice from Spreadsheet previously, and other users are also using this function.  One other user had the same Invalid Liability Account error, but after trying a few more times she was successful, without errors.  But this one user has tried a number of times across two days, with the same error, which we don't know how to fix.

    Any ideas what is causing the issue?

    Any ideas how to overcome or work around it?  Or any clearer (step by step, for Dummies) instructions?





    • Amjad Mohar

      From Setup and Maintanence search the task "Manage Chart of Accounts Value Sets" 

      search chart of account vale set, under the value set code select the Balance segment typically it is the Company segment, click on Edit or pencil then check the Min Max Values per the attached screenshot ...

    • Amjad Mohar

      The Doc ID 2121636.1 suggest to remove the value from the min/max then try it...

      • Beth Bleijie

        Thank you Amjad.

        I checked and none of the account string segments have a min or max value, all are blank to start with.


        • Amjad Mohar

          oh ok...

          We had a similar issue a while back,  we did the following 

          1. confirm the Liability Account and the Coded combination is Active/Enabled (more than like it's enabled but check it out anyways)

          2. Then we downloaded a fresh "Create Invoice from Spreadsheet" template from the Payable Invoice Tasks...and copy/past the all the column from the old template to the new....and able to successfully import...

          give it a try it might work.. if not then you may want to open a SR

          good luck...



          • Beth Bleijie

            Hi Amjad,

            Thank you for persevering with recommendations.

            I had another look at the error spreadsheet, looking for anomalies, when I noticed that some of the accounting dates had dates and times, so I changed them all to dates and they all uploaded!

            I'll keep your tip in mind when we have issues again. . . I like having an *** of steps to try when things go wrong.

            What I don't get is the "Invalid Liability Account" error when the issue was the date detail.

            Thanks again,


            • Amjad Mohar

              Hi Beth,

              Glad the issue sorted... there is always something new to learn...

              thanks for sharing it...