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    Bernice Lam
    Introducing Ideas At-a-Glance with My Idea Dashboard
    Announcement posted August 30, 2017 by Bernice LamBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, last edited December 18, 2018 by Hemal KapasiBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged BI, CPQ, Engagement Cloud, Enterprise Planning, Financials, Fusion, General, Global HR, HCM, HCM Midsize - TBE, Learn - TEE, Procurement, Talent, Talent Acquisition - TEE, Workforce Management, Workforce Rewards 
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    Introducing Ideas At-a-Glance with My Idea Dashboard
    Oracle Cloud Customer Connect
    Cloud Customer Connect Logo Introducing Ideas At-a-Glance with My Idea Dashboard

    The My Idea Dashboard consolidates everything idea-related onto one simple, accessible page. Manage, share and keep track of your favorites – while providing feedback to help us continually improve your customer experience.  

    Here’s a quick look at the My Idea Dashboard:

    1. My Ideas

    This section lists ideas you’ve personally posted (an idea is an enhancement or suggestion for improving the product). Remember when posting new ideas, add use-cases and personas to clarify benefits.

    2. My Favorite Ideas

    Here, find ideas you’ve marked as your favorites, as well as related activities (votes, status) for each idea. Keep track of your top picks and see how others respond.

    3. Ideas from My Network

    This area features ideas from your personal network community. Build your network by adding members you follow for advice, expertise and insight. The larger your network, the more great ideas you’ll access.

    4. Recent Ideas

    Which ideas are trending in the forums right now? View all recently posted ideas from the Customer Connect community on your favorite idea labs.

    5. My Favorite Idea Labs

    Here, find ideas posted to your favorite Idea Labs (I.e. Human Capital Management, Talent Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc.). Track others’ posts and comments in areas that interest you most.

    6. Top 10 Ideas

    The Top 10 ideas are drawn from My Favorite Idea Labs, based on community member votes. Vote for your favorites, because your contributions help us develop and design our product roadmap.

    We hope you start using your Idea Dashboard to track your favorite ideas. We would love to hear your feedback!






    • Ashok Kumar Kavalur

      Hello Team... Great initiatives on Idea Dashboard!

      I've a suggestion to add a button as  "Repost" to Repost My Idea, that will also carry forward the previous comments & voting that is has got, (similar to Facebook post, where the reactions & comments reappear)... this will have few advantages!

      1. Most of the Users who visit Idea's Lab after a gap, can see the latest as many of them gets missed in the large listing

      2. As a User I can avoid re-posting Idea and later treated as 'Duplicate'

      Many Thanks, Ashok Kumar Kavalur

    • Katrine Haugerud

      Thanks for your idea - we will evaluate it!


    • Nidhi Sharma

      Single Group of multiple ids should be allowed in TALEO. 

    • Sanjeev Sondur

      How do I create a new menu/.sub-menu under Idea Labs? I want to create a sub-menu under Supply Chain Management --> Order Management Cloud, and maybe within Order Management, create a few more sub-menus :e.g. Configurations, Pricing, Order Capture, Analytics, Order Fulfillment, Other

      If I can I do it without external help, please send me the steps.

      If I need site-admin help, please create the above menu-->-sub-men structure and let me know

      thanks, sanjeev

    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Sanjeev,

      At this time the only Idea Lab available for ideas under SCM is Inventory. As we create and open the new Idea Labs, they will be added to the sub-menu by the portal administrators.

      Thank You

    • Jeanmarie Ricciardi

      Is this how I submit an idea?


      If so, the Requisition duplication process, which copies information from the Requisition rather than the Template, should error out of the master template is no longer active. 

    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Jeanmarie,

      You can submit an idea by going to the respective Idea Lab (Link is available under Ideas in the navigation menu). This post is to show the features in the platform that can be used


    • Arkadi Popov

      Hi, is it possible to change the view of ideas to two-line format, i.e. so that at least two lines of the subject / content are shown for each idea on the dashboard view?  Right now, with all the tags added, it's almost impossible to understand what ideas are about without clicking on each one.  Slows down search / analysis of ideas.

    • Bernice Lam

      Hi Arkadi - it is not currently feasible to change the view of ideas on My Idea Dashboard, but we can look into this as an enhancement. Thanks for your suggestion and stay tuned!

    • Bernice Lam

      We have recently made some enhancements to our Forums, Idea Labs and My Idea Dashboard, allowing you to customize your sorting option and view of your posts and ideas. Check them out and let us know what you think!

    • Jeb Suresh

      Fusion Assets are not compatible with IAS 40. At HSBC we use Investment Properties which are governed by IAS40. Any workaround involves multiple journal entries and event monitoring. We request you to make Fusion Assets IAS40 compliance and provide a system solution. 

      I am also interested in knowing how other Financial Institutions are complying to IAS40 by using Fusion Cloud.

    • Ramesh Kumar Vasu

      It would be good if we have option to export the ideas from the dashboard