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    Ruchir Nema
    Can we leverage OCE for Imaging solution?
    Topic posted September 20, 2018 by Ruchir NemaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Content Management, Digital Asset Management DAM, Documents 
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    Can we leverage OCE for Imaging solution?
    Scanning and Document Management

    Currently, users have a scanning station which will is configured with a particular mailbox associated. Users manually apply a barcode and do a normal scan using a scanner and it gets uploaded to their current document management system(IXOS-SAP), users then search with the barcode number and the document is available on their SAP Form. This is planned to be retired soon as the plan is to bring this system to Oracle Cloud. We are checking the option if the same functionality can be achieved by Content and Experience cloud service. Can I Associate a scanner with Content and Experience Cloud or have a mailbox configured that can store the document as soon as it receives one? On the on-premise version, we have the Oracle Webcenter available and we can leverage Oracle Webcenter Capture for document management by provisioning a compute VM, but is there a way or has anyone achieved this functionality directly with OCE.



    • Igor Polyakov

      CEC does not an OOTB solution to connect scanner. However, you have two options available for uploading scanned documents to CEC:

      1. CEC Dsktop Client allows you to sync a desktop folder with your CEC folders, i.e. you can save scanned documents to your desktop which would upload them to a shared CEC folder
      2. CEC has rich REST API that can be used to implement custom solution for uploading files to CECD. See here for details
    • Mark Paterson

      WebCenter Capture does have a CEC committ driver