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    Andy Gough
    Open Purchase Orders & Goods Received Not Invoiced reports
    Topic posted February 9, 2017 by Andy GoughBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Fusion Procurement reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Open Purchase Orders & Goods Received Not Invoiced reports
    Various OTBI reports showing Open Purchase Orders & Goods Received Not Invoiced

    Import the attached catalog files into your environment using the "Unarchive" command from the OTBI catalog page




    • Virginia Baez-Ponce

      Can we also include the requester information, receipt date and invoice processed against receipts?

      • Andy Gough

        Hi Virginia.

        Requestor info is held at PO distribution level, since multiple requisitions may have been combined on the same PO. In the "Open Purchase Order Report - Distribution Level" version of the report, you can add requestor. In the subject area, look under Purchase Order Distributions -> Purchase Order Distribution Detail -> Requester -> Purchase Requester Name.

        Adding Receipt Date and Invoice details is not possible since this report is based on the Purchasing Subject Area, which doesn't include Receipt and Invoice information. It's not a trivial thing to add, since there may be multiple receipts and multiple invoices matched against the same PO.



    • Virginia Baez-Ponce

      Thank Andy!

    • Matt Falkai

      Hi Andy,

      I do not have the option to un-archive which is in your screenshots, is this a setting/privilege I am missing?



      • Andy Gough

        Hi Matt,

        See if you can import into your "My Folders" folder in the catalog - it might just be that you don't have write access to the folder you're trying to import into.

        If that doesn't help, it's probably down to your roles - I think you need to have the BI Administrator role to use Import/Export. See for info.




    • Virginia Baez-Ponce

      Hi Andy,

      I am running this report again and it seems that many of the Purchase Orders are doubling the amount. For example, PO should be for only $178,630.37 but report shows $357,260.74. Would you happen to know why?

    • mohamed sedik

      This is a very nice report but is the amounts showed in functional currency because if not the totals will be wrong.

    • Andrea Del Sorbo


      is it possible to add a link to the the purchase order to open directly the page "manage orders" with the purchase order number as parameter?



    • Kevin

      When I add the concatenated segment field, it removes my quantity fields.  Any ideas?



    • Jairo Rojas Mendez

      I have the same issue. Did you ever find a resolution to get the GL account added?

    • Neal Foley

      I am looking for an RNI report that will tie out the uninvoiced receipts to my GL liability. So far, I have not been able to produce this report from any OTBI subject areas because the invoiced amount will include the invoices on hold which have not been accounted. With these invoices included in the report, the net RNI is understated compared to the actual liability. If anyone has any input, I'd love to hear it.

      I also have an SR open with Oracle as well to see if I can reproduce the seeded Uninvoiced Receipt Accrual Report in OTBI. 

      • Samantha Rawson

        We have had an OTBI report developed to take account of those invoices that are not accounted as nothing standard deals with this scenario.  We look at the hold status of the invoices to exclude from the GRNI calculation

        To tie to liability we also have the GRNI stated in ledger currency

        • Neal Foley

          Would you be able to share the .catalog file for your OTBI report? The problem I run into is when there are multiple invoices on one PO the data from the PO is duplicated for each invoice making calculations difficult. 

    • Scott Hillier

      I've a question.  I'm looking at this GRNI report and I want to add in the project number to it.

      As soon as I add that one field in (and remove the filter just to be sure all data comes back), all the values in the ordered qty, received qty, received amount, billed quantity, GRNI amount etc - disappear!

      Is there anything I can do about that?