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    Amitabha Dutta
    Oracle DbaaS Test Connect Failure in ICS
    Topic posted July 15, 2019 by Amitabha DuttaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Connection, Database, Integration, PaaS 
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    Oracle DbaaS Test Connect Failure in ICS
    ICS Test DbaaS Connection failing after updating the schema password

    A number of integrations in ICS using a Oracle DbaaS Connection. The connection was created few months back, today the database schema password was changed and we had to update the ICS connection with new password. Now the Test Connection is failing with error "The connection test failed. Check your connection and use agent from agent group.". However, existing integrations using the connection are working fine.

    We had not created any agent for our connection and it was working fine. Can anyone highlight any possible reason for this issue?





    • Ravi Sankaran

      is it ICS or OIC?

    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      DBaaS is currently certified to work ONLY with agent and hence the validation error. Please use agent to configure the connection and reactivate the flows.

      • Amitabha Dutta

        Thanks Hemanth. Can you please let us know if this is a recent limitation added? Because we still have older DBaaS connections in active status that does not use agent, and they are working fine.

        • Sushma Yeleshwarapu

          It was always suggested to use agent when using the DBaaS adapter. We have now put a hard stop to ensure the security. Please use agent , and that would resolve the issue

          Please go through the DBaaS connection pre-requisite documentation, below.